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Greener Happier Place

Becoming Carbon Neutral 

My aim is to become as close to carbon neutral as possible in order to do my bit for the environment. I currently power my work shop through solar panels when I can, trying to take as minimal power from the grid.  

To make sure my workshop is heated and can continue to air dry through the winter, I use a sustainable air to air heat pump which is one of the greenest form of heating.


We also have a treatment works specifically for our dirty water here and use only the most environmentally safe Nikwax products. 

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Leaving No Footprint

Everything that I use I want to make sure has the same ethos as mine. This is why I have chosen to use Nikwax as they could guarantee that any waste products from my washing machine will not harm the environment.

The bags that I use to pack your rugs in are biodegradable.

A small factor but one at the heart of my business .